Surfnet Saves the Day for Summit Store

Surfnet Saves the Day for Summit Store

Surfnet Saves the Day for Summit Store

Surfnet Communications Saves the Day for Summit Store: A General Manager’s Tale of Gratitude 

Located in the heart of the most beautiful regions of the Santa Cruz Mountains, resides the Summit Store, a family-owned and operated grocery store serving the community’s needs for decades. Ben Abeln, the General Manager, oversees the store’s day-to-day operations and has always prioritized providing seamless customer service.

Last winter brought a sudden and unusual snowfall which caused power outages across the region and left the tight-knit community paralyzed. In such challenging circumstances, the Summit Store’s ability to maintain operations became crucial for the store and its community. Thanks to Surfnet Communications, they had a robust backup internet service that proved to be a lifesaver. 

“As the power outages last summer got worse and longer, and the rain got heavier, our primary internet provider became unreliable,” said Ben.   

The snowstorm disrupted their primary internet connection, however, Ben and his team had planned, anticipating the unpredictable weather conditions that strike the region. Surfnet Communications was chosen as their reliable backup internet provider for its reputation of unwavering service and uninterrupted connectivity. 

“I’m pro-Surfnet, and I always have been.” They are local, reliable, and provide great customer service,” stated Ben, “If I have a problem, they address it right away.” 

With Surfnet Communications stepping in as their dependable ally, the store’s Point of Sale (POS) machines remained fully operational, allowing them to serve customers, process transactions, and maintain their revenue streams. This was a far cry from previous years when similar weather events had cost the store significant financial losses due to downtime and an inability to process sales.

“We lost thousands of dollars in past weather events,” Ben reflected. But now, with Surfnet Communications as their backup provider, he spoke of the peace of mind it brings, knowing that regardless of the weather, Summit Store’s operations remain intact.

“What a relief it was to have Surfnet as our backup internet provider during the recent snowstorm, and moving into the future,” Ben shared.

Looking into the future, it’s partnerships like the one between Summit Store and Surfnet Communications that demonstrate the vital role technology plays in the success of local businesses today. 

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