Surfnets Grant- Driven Mission

Surfnets Grant- Driven Mission

Surfnets Grant- Driven Mission

Socioeconomic Progress and Digital Inclusion: Surfnet Communications Grant Driven Mission 

Surfnet Communications, a dedicated proponent of socioeconomic progress and social justice, is actively engaged with securing grants to enhance internet access in rural areas. Their mission is to drive digital inclusion, foster economic growth, and bridge the digital divide. Currently, Surfnet is in the process of applying for multiple grants to support its initiatives over the coming months and years. 

“Our mission is to advance internet access, promote digital inclusion, and stimulate economic growth across the counties we serve,” said SurfNet’s COO, Ken Nye.”  

Thus far, they have already submitted applications for two grants. The first is the NTIA Middle Mile Grant, with a budget of $1 billion, for which Surfnet bid $3.3 million. The second is the CASF Infrastructure Grant, amounting to $73 million, with Surfnet’s bid totaling $12 million. In 2014, Surfnet was awarded two projects through CASF, one already successfully completed. Presently, they are in the midst of applying for the third grant, the USDA Broadband Technical Assistance Grant, which amounts to $250,000 and is due in July. 

Moving forward, Surfnet plans to continue pursuing three additional grants. These include the FFA Last Mile Grant, with a budget of $2 billion and $5 million allocated per county, the
USDA Re-Connect America Grant, totaling $300 million and the FFA BEAD Grant, which amounts to an impressive $42 billion, with $1.7 billion designated for California. By securing these grants, Surfnet is committed to providing internet access to priority-eligible locations, particularly those in rural and economically disadvantaged social justice communities.

The benefits of these projects extend beyond immediate economic stimulus.

“We aim to future-proof our infrastructure, building an advanced network that can accommodate potential increases in demand without the need for replacing or upgrading equipment,” said Ken.

They represent a comprehensive effort to bridge the digital divide, future-proof communities, and establish a safer and more resilient infrastructure system that addresses the unique challenges rural and low-income areas face. Surfnet eagerly anticipates embarking on these transformative endeavors, aiming to deliver high-quality internet services to Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on our grant application articles!

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