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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked. Feel free to submit your own below.

We provide unlimited Internet via Microwave, Fiber, and hybrid solutions.  Depending on your area we can offer different types.  Our Microwave/ Wireless offerings are delivered via Line of Sight (Los) and non-Line of Sight (NLoS) technologies.  Just let us know an address, or GPS location and we can let you know what we can provide there.

Surfnet is a local ISP, serving our Central Coast and surrounding areas. Surfnet offers broadband internet for homes and businesses, often in previously underserved areas. After years of continuous network upgrades, we can now compete with the “big guys” regarding download speeds, upload speeds, and monthly pricing. Please do not hesitate to check if your location is in range for our services.

Just enter your zip code into our “Plans” page here.  Once you have the rate information, enter your street address and we’ll let you know ASAP regarding coverage there.  You can also feel free to call and check. 

Fog, rain, sleet and snow do not have a noticeable affect on our signal, and thereby, your service.

Yes! We have plans that fit every household and most businesses.  Our policy includes a 30-day trial period to help ensure we’re a good fit for your household.  This policy is technically “No-questions-asked”, although we’d like to help you with a problem, if you’re having one.  During the 30-day period, we can remove your installation and reimburse any charges incurred.

Yes, our SurfTech Support is a monthly subscription add-on that offers free in-home support visits. We also provide you with a WiFi router at no charge, making it possible to identify your network issues remotely. 

Included in the plan are firmware updates for the WiFi router, keeping your home updated with the latest version.

Speak with one of our friendly staff about adding it to your plan, the monthly  cost for this coverage is $15.00.

Any store-bought router or mesh system is compatible with our system except for cable or dsl modems.  We also offer customized WiFi solutions based on your needs.  Inquire within!

Homes that employ power-backup systems can continue using Surfnet services during the outage.

Every one of our 120+ tower sites host a combination of solar, battery, and/or backup generators.  In the instance of prolonged outages, defined as 4+ days of no PGE, our backups are routinely replenished as road access permits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked by our current customers. Feel free to submit your own above.

To change plans, follow these 3 steps:

Log in to the Self-service portal.

Click “users” on the left.

Click “your username

Up near the top, left of center, click “Change Plan” and choose one.

Please allow up to 1 hour for the change to process throughout the network and servers.

At this time Surfnet is no longer offering emails. 

We put together some easy to follow steps that could help get you back online. Be sure to download and print a PDF copy so that you have this on-hand when you are having trouble connecting to the internet.  Click here to see trouble shooting steps.

The First of every month. Please allow 2-3 days for payment to be processed  from your bank account. If the 1st lands on a weekend, the payment will be processed the following Monday.

We send out notifications for upcoming maintenance and emegency notifications to all Surfnet customers. 

To ensure you receive your Surfnet maintenance and outage text alerts, please make sure the ‘Mobile Phone’ field contains your mobile phone number, within the ‘Self Service’ portal. Click here to login.

If you do not have your username or password, go here.
Select “Self Help Portal” in the drop down section and select “Forgot Username/Password”.