Surfnet Pursues FFA BEAD Grant

Surfnet Pursues FFA BEAD Grant

Surfnet Pursues FFA BEAD Grant

Surfnet Pursues FFA BEAD Grant

Surfnet Communications is actively pursuing a significant grant opportunity as part of the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program, headed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

According to, “This program builds high-speed Internet infrastructure where we need it. It also supports efforts to teach the skills and provide the equipment needed so everyone can use the Internet.”

The program provides an impressive $42.45 billion nationally to enhance high-speed internet access through strategic planning, infrastructure deployment, and adoption programs across various regions, including California.

California, in particular, is slated to receive approximately $1.86 billion from the BEAD Program, a substantial investment aimed at addressing unserved and underserved locations throughout the state. “These funds are distributed based on the federal governments calculation of California’s share of unserved locations on a national scale.

BEAD focuses on fostering partnerships between states or territories, local communities, and stakeholders to build essential infrastructure where it is needed most and boost the adoption of high-speed internet. Priority is given to locations that currently lack internet access or have access below 25/3 Mbps, as well as underserved areas with access below 100/20 Mbps.

Surfnet is strategically positioning itself to leverage the BEAD Program to address these pressing issues. The company is committed to utilizing the potential grant for planning high-speed internet deployment, upgrading internet infrastructure in unserved or underserved areas, and enhancing services to community anchor organizations.

“Like schools and libraries, provided those locations also meet ‘unserved’ eligibility standards and depending on availability of funding to serve unserved and underserved locations,” wrote the CPUC.

As the BEAD Program unfolds, Surfnet Communications is poised to play a vital role in bridging the digital divide and contributing to the broader goal of ensuring that all residents of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Counties have access to reliable and high-speed internet services.

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